Rachel & Matthew Smith

(35yrs & 45yrs)

My partner and I have a business and a new baby, so we are too busy to fully control our wealth accumulation. 


We have superannuation but did not feel that it was invested as well as it could be.


We have spoken to a few financial advisors in the past, and even used their services, but they didn't provide much, or any, detail about where our money was going or what to expect.


It started with a coffee and chat, and Paul suggested options that might be open to us, as well as clearly stating where the biggest problem was, and also took us through a series of questions to discover what our goals are for our superannuation. 


The best thing about all this is that there is no out of pocket expense, the cost for Paul's service comes out of superannuation, so I don't have to pay Paul anything out of my own budget.


Paul takes the difficult and complex process of controlling your own superannuation and simplifies everything for you. 


He ensures you have the best value for money for all your insurance needs, and helps you invest your money in the most suitable areas to meet your financial goals and risk profile. 


He is very friendly and approachable and can help anyone get in a better financial position.


Paul is 100% judgment-free and is really focused on helping you as a client.

Anthony Hutt (40yrs)

As a single male, I know that taking care of my finances is my number priority because no one is coming to save me. With these concerns on my mind, I had also become frustrated with my current advisor who didn’t appear to have the knowledge to explore world markets and lacked the vision to work towards a longer-term plan.


I did some of my own research by reading some finance self -help books, I realised quickly, however, that none of this offered real solutions and ultimately, I needed an expert to help me put theory into practice.


When I was first recommended Paul as an option, initially I thought he wouldn’t be interested, given his history working on Wall Street and dealing with very wealthy clients. I only had a small amount of money, ‘he couldn’t possibly be interested in me’?! – was my thought process


But I finally took the plunge and reached out to Paul. Which was seriously lucky because it turns out I am exactly the type of person he likes to help.


Paul is exceptionally good with talking to people. He is so easy going, passionate about helping others and made me feel comfortable and relaxed instantly.


With his Wall St experience, Paul tailored an investment solution for me personally. He saved me money on fees and gave me detailed advice that was simple to follow and explained everything in plain English.


I only had $60k in Super but I know I am starting early, so with the right approach, we will be able to make significant improvements. Paul also improved my budget and cash-flow which is helping me make ends meet today.


When Paul requested a testimonial, I didn’t hesitate. Paul is very approachable; he cuts to the chase.  He keeps in regular contact and ensures everything is on track. I know my future finances are sound and if I need to call for anything to do with finance, I can contact That Wall Street Guy! This helps me sleep easier at night.                                                                                             

Belinda Voigt (41yrs)

Working in and around the accounting and finance industry myself, I’ve always known that it would be beneficial to seek the advice of a Financial Planner. As a single woman and a sole parent I wanted to get my affairs in order so that I could stop lying in bed worrying about ‘Will I ever be able to retire’, ‘ Will I be able to leave something behind for my children and grandchildren’, ‘Am I doing the right thing’.


However, I’ve put it off for years and years thinking that the amount I have would be too little to work with.


Also, as anyone with children knows, there is not always a lot of spare cash lying around at the end of the month so my thoughts were that I couldn’t get involved in this thing called investing.


I was lucky enough to attend a seminar held by Paul to give people like me insight into the share market and investing. I never considered the power of my superannuation and how small changes can make big differences in the future. Paul explained all of this and more and I left inspired to finally take the step.


This experience has been painless and incredibly enlightening for me. I feel that Paul and the team have really taken the time to get a feel for my financial situation, the level of risk I am comfortable with and my goals for the future. The plan he has developed is not cookie-cutter and totally tailored for me. 


I feel 100% comfortable that I am being looked after and I’m on the right track.


I wish I had done this earlier!

Rob & Erin Kendrick

(34yrs & 36yrs)

As a young family with two children under the age of 2 and my fiancé on maternity leave, we knew the importance of getting our finances in order. In the past, my fiancé and I have enjoyed the fruits of our labour, unfortunately with a history of bad savings. We both have a limited understanding of investing and the share market, but knew the seriousness of superannuation and were anxious about stock piling enough money for retirement and setting up our children’s future.


We were put on to a financial advisor through our banking Institute, but we’re rapidly becoming agitated with the lack of contact and service with no clear future plan.


We’ve got an investment property and even tried micro-investing apps to get a feel for the share market, however knowing that superannuation is the biggest investment we would ever make, we knew that we should enlist the help of an expert.


After googling ‘financial advisors’ and getting the results, it was almost to good to be true. That Wall Street Guy, literally based around the corner from where we live. At first we were reluctant to reach out, as we thought an advisor like Paul with all his knowledge and experience on Wall St, would be very expensive and only be interested in wealthy clients.


We sent off an email explaining our situation. Paul was very prompt to reply, explaining the service he provides for his clients, his credentials and experience. We were concerned how we could afford Paul for his services, but there were no up-front or hidden costs, and all costs came after Paul had issued his advice, which all came out of our Super. It was such a relief, there were no out of pocket expenses.


Paul made us feel relaxed and comfortable from the beginning. Paul’s very considerate and easygoing, making sure we understood everything he was explaining.


A tailored investment strategy was provided by Paul, reducing our fees and minimised our risk by ensuring our family was covered with adequate insurance. It was thorough and detailed advice, that was delivered by Paul in easy to understand manner.


Prior to meeting with Paul, my fiancé and I had $75k-$80k each in Super. Taking advantage of Paul’s Wall St knowledge, I know we will be able to make a significant positive impact on our Super investments. Paul also improved our budget and cash-flow, which is helping us make ends meet and providing for our family. It’s reassuring knowing we have adequate insurance in place now, and that our children won’t miss out on opportunities.


It’s been such a pleasure working with Paul ‘That Wall St Guy’, he’s a true asset with all his experience on Wall St and knowledge of both Australian and international markets. Not only has Paul been able to tailor a clear investment strategy for our future, he’s also reduced hidden fees, helped us avoid capital gains tax and covered all our risks with insurance for our entire family. Paul’s very accessible and regularly keeps in touch to ensure everything is on track. It puts both our minds at ease knowing we now only have one number to call for anything to do with finance.

Jo Douglas (59yrs)

I am a single 59-year-old women, who after many years of low income and raising two children needed plenty of financial help so I could retire sooner rather than later.


My previous experiences with financial planners in the 90’s left a negative impression of cavalier commission-based sharks and my later experience was no-one was interested in helping me as I had a low income and little savings. I needed help.


I met Paul Atherton at a business meeting and was not keen to engage in conversation with a financial planner!

I soon discovered Paul is a genuine, intelligent, caring individual with a passion to genuinely help people achieve financial success and Paul speaks' to you' not 'at you' in words you can understand.  Hooray


We had a meeting and Paul was able to assure me I wasn’t as financially challenged as I thought though there were changes we could make to achieve better and safer outcomes. I was relieved the fees would come out of my super and I'm happy to be paying Paul those fees for the advice and support he has given me.


The knowledge Paul gained while working on Wall Street and his experiences during the GFC gives me the security that he knows what he is doing with my hard-earned cash. I rang Paul the other day a little concerned about my super as a result of the recent pandemic and Paul immediately knew how my super was fairing. He is on the ball.


Paul is approachable and keeps genuine regular track of his client's financial position. For someone who doesn’t like financial planners, I have recommended Paul to my children and numerous friends.

I’m very impressed with Paul and feel secure and comfortable that my finances are being well looked after.

Kevin Derrick (60yrs)

We are originally from Birmingham in the UK, we emigrated here to Australia in 2006 to find a better life for our kids (and ourselves). Things are much different here than the UK regarding your pension and making sure you’ll be financially secure when you retire.

Straight away I realised I needed an advisor, which I was with for 12yrs until she decided to sell her business on, which Paul “The Wall Street Guy” Acquired.

I did a lot of looking around for another advisor, even after my last advisor tried to reassure me Paul would do the best for me, did I know what I was looking at the answer is simply NO. 


Everybody I spoke to had their own way of trying to sell themselves with the end result being how much they could make out of me, especially as I was halfway through the process of transferring my private UK pension here to Australia they seemed to be just rubbing their hands together.

When I did eventually contact Paul for a chat on the phone, my first thoughts Is This Guy For Real, so casual and laid back, had a quick chat and agreed to a meeting face to face over a coffee, at a coffee bar, not an office, This is The Wall Street Guy ways as I said so causal didn’t know what to expect.

So Glad we had this first meeting, so down to earth explains everything in layman’s terms doesn’t baffle you with science or big words, anything you don’t understand he’ll explain until you do, all of Pauls fees come out of your fund so there’s no out of pocket expense on your part, you know exactly how much you will be paying and Paul only takes payment after his advice has been given.

Paul “The Wall Street Guy” has saved me absolutely heaps of money, I was paying way too much in life and income protection insurance, insurance that I just didn’t need. Paul brings a lot of experience in the stocks and shares from working around the world, this is where you need to make your money for retirement.

Summarise Paul up – He’s a down to earth guy has a lot of experience with the stocks and shares market, explains everything simple and easy, any problem’s, issues, worries, concerns, you I can ring / message him 24/7 and he always gets back to right away and is happy to talk /message you and answer any questions/concerns you have.

Paul asked if I’d be willing to write a testimonial, here it is, Paul has saved and made me money for my retirement, what more can you ask of someone where your life’s savings are involved. I would have no hesitation in recommending Paul “The Wall Street Guy” to anyone looking for a genuine Financial Advisor.   

Giulia Togliatto (59yrs)

I am very happy with Paul's services. His fees are reasonable and he is friendly and very easy to talk to. I wanted to invest my money into ethical companies and, after Paul invested a lot of time into research, he was able to help me achieve this.



I am very happy with the returns on my investments and am pleased I decided to go with Paul.

Julian Urlings (24yrs)

Due to being relatively new to the stock market, I was always cautious of investing my money with people who I didn’t know. Paul came highly recommended so I decided to give him a shot.


He didn’t disappoint. Straight away we were able to discuss and implement a long-term strategy for stock market investment, in addition to guiding me on a path towards financial freedom. Paul is always available via phone or email if there are ever any issues, which enhances the investing experience. His easy-going personality and simple explanations makes you feel at ease. I’d highly recommend Paul to young people such as myself; particularly those who want to explore long-term financial stability.


Better to start sooner rather than later!

Luke Wade (31)

 I’m a busy professional, and as such I understand the value and importance of having someone who is trustworthy and a subject matter expert in your corner when it comes to getting good results. I wanted to learn how I can set myself up for financial success in the long-term and also learn a bit more about the process along the way.


Having done some research in the area of finance and finding out about what possible investing options there are, I was at a loss as to figuring out how to go about investing and maximising the output of my superannuation.


There is so much information available it is far too time consuming to figure out the best solution for yourself – unless finance is your passion!


Paul is an absolute superstar, and is every bit the professional that his brand demonstrates. I was very impressed at his level of knowledge and understanding of his field, and his keen perception of the market place and our shared future as Australians.


The advice and knowledge I received in our initial meeting, and throughout the process of proceeding with investments through super met my needs and demonstrated how this plan could set me up for financial success later in life.


10/10 Recommend Paul for all matters finance, the regret I have is not putting a plan in place sooner!!

Fiona (48yrs)

I am new to Australia and I am not really familiar with how Super works or how it can work for me. Because I had worked for more than one company, I had more than one Superfund. I did not have a clue as to combining them. I felt like I needed some help.


In the past, I tried to manage my own money. I was good at budgeting but had no idea how to invest. I tried asking friends for help and read some articles. However, I found it difficult to consider how the advice from the articles/friends pertained to my unique circumstances. I was completely stumped by my Super.


I felt it was a good idea to speak with someone about my finances but, I was not sure if I could trust someone to offer the best advice for me. I worried that I could be ripped off and worse off.


Paul’s services were recommended to me by a friend. I decided to try and agreed to meet for coffee at a local cafe. It was just a coffee and a chat. I found Paul really easy to speak to and very knowledgeable. He answered all my questions and I was able to explain my circumstances without feeling judged.  Frankly, I was embarrassed that I did not understand how my money was being invested.


I felt very empowered after our conversation and felt I was going on the right track. Paul was able to consolidate my Supers and help me invest in my retirement.


Paul is very approachable and very knowledgeable. I felt empowered and had more knowledge and control over my finances. I would not hesitate in recommending him.

Michael Roberts (45yrs)

My clients often require trustworthy financial advice to assist them with their real estate decisions. I only refer them to Paul. I always have positive feedback from those clients about this professionalism, depth of knowledge, positive approach and willingness to tailor a solution specific to their own personal situation and goals.


Solid 5 stars for Paul Atherton!!!

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