"...wealth and financial security is available to everyone, whatever your age or background. It’s not just for old rich guys! Even the smallest change can make a huge difference, especially if you start early in life. There are many, opportunities for wealth accumulation and they are accessible to anyone. "

"I’m an ex-Wall Street advisor, on a mission to help young people win back their financial power, wealth and security. I do this by helping them understand the hidden world of finance, risk and investments, how it impacts them, and seize opportunities to make it work to their advantage. I am here for you!"

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Do you have a question about money?

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"It had been a dream of mine since I was young to retire early. And like a lot of people that dream faded as I became increasingly burdened with debt, work and sacrifice. It seemed the harder I worked the less I had. Paul managed to cut right through the clutter, simplify my life and now I am on the path to retire before 40!"

John Boyd
I'm only 35 - and I no longer need to work!

"We wanted to buy our first house but were totally confused and overwhelmed. We worked through the 'Crack Your Mortgage Code' course and it really changed everything. Paul's clear advice with a step by step guide on building a plan helped us FINALLY to get the home of our dreams. I wish we had joined years ago. "

Rob and Joan Howard
We Bought A House

"I worked with Paul on some of my struggles with debt, budgeting and savings. To be honest things were a mess. I didn't know how to get myself from under a debt mountain. Paul was able to clear a path for me. It was so simple to implement and easy to understand. I couldn't believe how quick it was to see results. "

James and Rachel Schafer
We Saved Over $1000 / Month

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